In February 2010 Rachel spent a week in residency at Yorkshire Dance, here is her report of the research:

I worked sometimes alone and sometimes with:
Daliah Toure and Vanessa Grasse – dance artists
Harrison Richards – Mystery Entertainer
Naomi Rothwell – Physical theatre
Chemaine Cooke- Performance artist/dancer

My questions:
Traces – what is left behind when a movement is over? Can you tell what I just did from the traces left behind?

What traces are left:
-In the space – dust, air, warmth, moisture, marks on the floor, resonating sound
-In my body-breath, heart rate, muscle tension, clothes and hair
-In the minds of people watching –emotion, memories, state of mind.

Some things I did:
-Played a guessing game where one person had to guess what movement the other had just executed.
-Had my palm read and talked to a mystery entertainer about reading traces in the body, relationship with audience, his skill at influencing people.
-Used Goldsworthy’s Rain Shadows as the stimulus for  creating movement. One person outlined the shape of the other who then moved away.
-Improvised, then went back to see what traces I remembered and made a phrase from this.
-Asked other people to repeat any traces they remembered after watching it
-Used Forsythe Improvisation Techniques to create a phrase exploring leaving an imprint in space.
-Created a phrase from bits of movement I remember watching on stage.
-Put these elements together into a lecture demonstration and asked for feedback using the Liz Lerman method.