Entwined was inspired by the curious, fantastical and real stories that revolve around an old sewing box, it developed out of a collaboration with textile artist Julia Kalache, which began in 2007 with a residency at Chisenhale Dance Space. and continued with support from Yorkshire Dance and Arts Council England.

A dancer and a dressmaker use cloth, pins, words and bodies to weave stories and create a physical history of movement. Specially composed music by Gareth S. Brown provides a rhythmical landscape. Created together with Matthew Bellwood and Daliah Toure.

Twice in Rachel Dean’s Entwined a voiceover simply spells out the premise: a woman remembering her grandmother’s sewing box, and how the women would tell stories as they stitched. That’s just enough information to thread a sharp line of imagery through the piece. Twisting and cutting bolts of cloth, tracing patterns in the air, Dean and textile artist Julia Kalache bring a series of storytelling metaphors to life: weaving tales, gathering material, fabrications. The drapes and swathes impart an almost palpable sense of being wrapped up in a story. It’s an entrancing piece. Enchanting music too: plaintive piano dissonances, motoric spinning-wheel rattles.

Sanjoy Roy

Resolution! Review

During 2009/10 Entwined was performed at:
Armley Mills, Leeds
The Hat Factory, Luton,
Bradford Playhouse, Bradford,
Soft Cuts, Blue Elephant Theatre, London,
Resolution!, Robin Howard Theatre, The Place