Spring 2016 news


Forthcoming open workshops are at Independent Dance (Monday 7th March), Templehof Contact Improvisation Festival (from 29 March to 3 April) and Improvisation Exchange (April 17th).  I am continuing to teach classes for adults with learning disabilities at Yorkshire Dance, Leaps and Bounds and Pyramid of Arts. In June/July I am leading Dance Together a creative project at Leeds City Museum for under 5s and their parents/carers. Details of all these can be found in separate posts below.


Daliah Toure and I are in residency at Yorkshire Dance together with our toddlers over the next few months. We wish to continue with a long-term project working together with our children, investigating how our dance practice can continue with them and be led by our interaction with them. We are committed to developing our practice with our children; understanding how we can integrate them intuitively into our studio research. The work is supported by our knowledge of experiential anatomy and developmental movement.

Philosophising Improvisation is research project between philosophers at the University of Leeds Aaron Meskin and Jade Fletcher and dance artists Rachel Dean, Marie Andersen and Daliah Toure. It is funded by Ignite! There is a sharing of our research at the University of Leeds on Sunday 28 February.


A screening of Nativity and Whilst I’m Waiting, two short films I made whilst pregnant. The films will be followed by a talk/discussion about my experience of maternity and artistic practice. Saturday 12th March, Union 105, Chapeltown Road, Leeds. More details at https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153266993181924&set=gm.949891765107465&type=3&theater