Teaching at Templehof CI Festival

I am teaching an intensive at Templehof Festival in Germany 29 March – 3 April 2016 http://tempelhof-contactfestival.de

Journeying through Sensation
Particularly suitable for beginners, this Intensive is also for anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of the foundation skills of Contact Improvisation. We will begin with attention to sensation, the means by which we gather information about our own body, our relationship with gravity and with other dancers. 
We will dance alone, in duets, trios and with the whole group. We will use a combination of specific scores, movement pathways and lots of dancing to introduce and develop skills such as listening, rolling, spiralling, modulating energy and release, pouring weight, offering support, following our impulses, self-responsibility and respect for self and others. There will be an emphasis on play, discovery and improvisation!