Reviews of Wolf

‘Little Red Riding Hood takes an ominous turn in Wolf. Accompanied by the resonances of live cello, Rachel Dean evokes a feeling of childhood innocence blurred with dark edges. She begins to sing and there is something captivating in her simple confidence. Like hearing old folklore for the first time we are drawn close. Suddenly she becomes the wolf as feral howling overtakes her words. Battling between beast and human before loping away as something in-between, we are left to decide for ourselves who we really relate to in this fable.’
Francesca Mcloughlin

‘Rachel Dean is a very self-possessed performer. Or perhaps just plain possessed. With a trance-like stare, she provides a very focused presence onstage. Her solo, Wolf, is a deconstructed Red Riding Hood: a red cape, snatches of dialogue, a lost girl running in circles. It’s strange and yet familiar. She begins to sing, rocking her body and pushing out her breath, telling of the perils of being young and female in a fairytale, of straying from the path, until she herself morphs into the howling wolf – her idea being that we embody the tales we tell. It’s a slight piece but there’s definitely something to get your (great big) teeth into.’
Lyndsey Winship