Wolf performance, London, Thursday 29th January

“Powerful, sensual and utterly unpredictable, but with a real playfulness about it too. It’s like she’s got hold of the the fairytale from every different angle and twisted them all together to make something that’s illuminating and mysterious at the same time.” Audience Memeber

An invitation to wilfully stray into the fascination, hunger and fear of a fairytale so familiar it runs through us like a current. Wolf, Grandmother and Girl flicker, emerge and retreat in an unsettling dance played out in the body of exceptional performer Rachel Dean. An immersive and sensual solo which embraces the complexities and fluidities at the heart of each of us. Live sound score by accomplished improviser Seth Bennett on double bass, and haunting live vocals. – See more at: http://www.theplace.org.uk/rachel-dean-jyoti-dance-adam-foster-and-susan-kempster#sthash.bl67DBxu.dpuf

At The Place as part of Resolution 2015.
8pm, Thursday 29th January

A triple bill together with with Jyoti Dance and Susan Kempster & Adam Foster