Teaching at International New Year Contact Improvisation Jam London

Rachel is teaching the following 3 day workshop in London:
Intentions don’t count for much in Contact Improvisation except when they come through your body. This workshop will take the Clear Intentions theme in the direction of embodying intention. We will practise recognising and responding to our own body’s intentions and those of the people we dance with, letting our bodies take the lead. How can physicality clarify our intentions, tapping into something different from making decisions, different ways of being and relating, becoming an animal, becoming alive.

We will begin from our own physical reality in each moment, using our senses, and listening to, trusting and respecting our body’s intuition. By starting from places of security and ease and expanding outwards with gentleness and awareness, what was once not possible (flying, disorientation…) can become so. We will try slowing down to allow time for this to happen, and speeding up so we depend on our bodies’ intuition and responses to find a way.

We will devote time to the physical skills needed to have autonomy in our dances, so our dancing can be an intersection of our intentions with those of the people we dance with and with the flow of gravity. For example we will practise both receiving a partner’s weight, and channelling undesired weight elsewhere. With the freedom to choose comes the confidence for safe, dynamic and effortlessly powerful dances. The workshop will emphasise Contact Improvisation as a practice of empowerment, personal responsibility and freedom.

Pre-Workshop: 26 – 30 December 2011
Clear Intentions

* Intensives with Jörg Hassmann, Vanessa Cook and Rachel Dean
* Workshops and warmups with various UK & international teachers
* Labs and jams
* Hot-tub and morning yoga
* Delicious vegan & omnivorous catering
£ 130 regular / £ 100 concession

New Year Jam: 30 December 2011 – 2 January 2012
Joyful Resolutions

* Jamming in three beautiful studios
* Workshops and warmups with various UK teachers
* Live music by Barnaby Tree, underscore practice with David Leahy
* Morning yoga, outdoor excursions, dusk & dawn jams
* Bodywork spaces, hot-tub, New Year’s eve feast…
* Delicious vegan & omnivorous catering
£ 100 regular / £ 80 concession

Package price £ 200 regular / £ 160 concession
Book before 1 November for a 10% discount
Prices include meals (but not accomodation)

movingartsbase, Syracusae Building, 134 Liverpool Road, London N1 1LA
Multiple studios with underfloor heating and good natural light
Studio sleeping spaces available (10 £ per person per night) Local accomodation info

Pre-Workshop: 26 Dec 5 pm – 30 Dec 12:30 pm
New Year Jam: 30 Dec 5 pm – 2 Jan 12:30 pm

Registration and enquiries:
Daniel Mang
+44 7411427331 (British mobile)